Our Story began 30 years ago, in

1984, when Rebecca Maples and

Dawn Pfundston started designing



Formally founding Rebecca Maples Interiors in 1993, Rebecca has continued designing stylish and functional interiors for clients in West Knoxville and the greater Knoxville area for decades.  Dawn, drawn to her first love, has recently re-joined the field of home design after spending 20+ years in another segment of the business world.  Together we bring you creativity, professionalism, project management and experience to give you the home of your dreams.


About Us

                       Rebecca                      Dawn

On Trend & In Style


Our trips to international markets several times a year allow us to keep up with the latest trends and bring the best of the industry knowledge into our designs  We also can find the one of kind pieces that will truely set your home apart, by making it as unique as you are. 


Our designs are based on your lifestyle. Your input is taken at every available opportunity so that we create a space that is custom made for you, just like you have always wanted.

Quality Resources


We have an extensive network of vendors and suppliers that allow us to select items for you from around the country, or around the world…not just locally. We have also gone to great lengths to establish relationships with craftsman and artisans who deliver exceptional American made products.  Surprisingly so, we can create your new look within the same budget you would have used if you had tried to do it yourself using local resources.  All of this assures you that you have a one of a kind look, one that reflects you and cannot be found anywhere else.